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Coming together - highlighting the fantastic contributions our local community make to BOSH and the various projects that come together.

Working with Mathias & Sons alongside HMP Bristol

We are so pleased to be a part of the wonderful initiative set up by Mathias & Sons, utilising obsolete uniforms and teaching prisoners from HMP Bristol to use an overlocker machine to overbadge the previous logo with the BOSH boxing gloves! This gives prisoners a new skill with the possibility of employment on release and saves huge amounts of garments going to landfill. We are then able to donate these items from the homeless hub.

Repairing bicycles

Following a fabulous donation from Cabot Circus Lost Property department, a number of bicycles have been snapped up by clients and with some tlc, the bikes are being adopted and put to good use.

Fresh hot food 

Piping hot nutritious food is sent over to the homeless hub hub from Help Bristol's Homeless Charity each week. Freshly cooked and batched up to scale. A fantastic consideration to pool resources and service users together.

Beautiful art. 

Just one example of many stunning artworks being produced, from one of the BOSH art group members. 

ESC- Eddies Street Cuts & The Beauty Of Caring CIC

ESC- Eddies Street Cuts & The Beauty Of Caring CIC donate their amazing skills and time to our service users every month, providing confidence and happiness where much needed!

See our on-site photos  below

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