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Homeless Hub.


From advocacy services to life skills lessons, read on to find out more on how we try to help the homeless with functional skills lessons and practical support aimed at making a real impact transtioning off the streets

The Turing Trusts amazing donation to the Homeless Hub, a collection of laptops and softwa
Half Open Laptop

Digital access

  • Including unlimited internet access

  • computer literacy sessions on Tech Tuesdays

  • housing & benefits assistance

  • email access 

  • phone / device charging 

Image by Dan Burton


Including breakfast & lunch, hot & cold drinks plus cakes & biscuits!

A few of our clients take the time to create some art following lunch in the canteen area
Image by Jess Bailey

Life skills

Including art classes, men & womans support groups, literacy lessons and drop in support programmes such as The Beauty of Caring UK.

Charity Support
Image by Marissa Grootes

Bespoke advocacy

Support in court

One to one talking therapies 

Housing referrals

Floating support

Tenancy support

Help managing appointments

Benefit applications

Advocating for clients with probation and other statutory agencies

Auxiliary services

The warm spaces grant We offer a free community warm space for those struggling with energy costs or those on the streets

Lockers A safe place for our street friends to lock up their belongings

Laundry services Rough sleepers should be able to wash their clothing for hygiene but also important meetings regarding benefits, court dates, medical matters and housing interviews.

Drop in services Including; WRAMAS BCC Substance Team DHI The Beauty of Caring UK ESC - Eddie’s Street Cuts Probation Service

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Hot desking in the hub means BOSH can offer a space within the popular location for professionals and additional services to set up for alloted time slots, gaining sometimes difficult access to clients in a safe and professional environment.

Partner agencies are extremely important to BOSH, collaborating across a wide range of services, charities and governmental departments are key to functionally assisting those on the streets. 

Taking an holistic approach, encompassing mental health support, financial support, housing and legal advice through to probationary matters or therapies, when we advocate for clients we ensure to bring together all relevant parties in aim of best achieving success.


Advocacy involves individually tailored support to people who fear being treated with a lack of dignity and respect, and who feel disempowerment over choices and decision making.

BOSH support is available to accompany people to appointments, assist with housing applications, benefits, registering with a GP, dentist and generally accessing additional services. 

Service user inclusion is vital to the development and continued growth of our project,  and we hold regular meetings to find out how we can improve our services.

"I honestly believe without your help I wouldnt be here"



How to find us

Monday - Friday

9am - 5pm

Group sessions by appointment

Weekends / 10am - 11:30am

64 Bond Street

Broadmead, Bristol


Advice and Support

Finding support

If you or someone you know has become homeless or may do so in the foreseeable future, please contact us either via the outreach mobile number / office line or pop into the hub yourself. We will endeavor to assist in the short and long term. We can start with simply a warm place to sit and a hot drink in safety, through to providing clothing, sanitary products, survival packs and food. 

We would look to refer you on to emergency shelter / accommodation across Bristol availability pending, link you up with appropriate services and get you on the correct benefits streams. For issues surrounding homelessness we would like to work with you in reaching out to relevant services, for example we regularly liaise with assigned social workers, mental health teams, drugs projects and probationary services.

However for further advice and support networks outside of BOSH, if you are unable to reach anyone at BOSH whilst in urgent need, we recommend contacting Street Link, though if you think you or the person you are concerned about is in immediate danger or needs urgent care, call 999.

Click the logos to head through to external websites 
(please note some of these resources are for those based in Bristol)


Streetlink on the

app store or Google Play


Homeless or at risk of

being homeless?


Domestic violence and

abuse information


Mental Health Support


Mens domestic abuse support

Trafficked people and modern slavery


Racism and Hate crime support


Labour Exploitation


Domestic / sexual abuse

of refugee women

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