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Collab with HBH success stories

Last week a young man came to the hub who had slept for the first time in his life, two nights outside, he was clearly in shock finding himself in this desperate situation. Whilst he had his breakfast, I made a call to Hubert J Thompson aka Jasper at Help Bristol's Homeless Charity. He agreed to see the young man and we are very happy to say that he has moved into his own self-contained micro flat. He is absolutely thrilled. He has been back several times to thank me. Yesterday we were invited to an event at HBH and had the opportunity of explaining first hand to guests, exactly how much it means to be taken from the streets and given the opportunity to move into HBH accommodation. The young man explained that he will be able to return to work now, people were clearly moved by his story. In recent weeks we have referred four clients to HBH and it is fantastic to see them flourishing and continuing on their journey. This reiterates time and time again that by working together we can achieve more #homelesslivesmatter#collaboration#boshhub#bristol#charity


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